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Marc-André Pellerin, Ph.D

Evaluator and Consultant


Marc-André is an occupational therapist, evaluator and consultant. Following the university studies in Psychology and Rehabilitation, he completed a Master’s degree in Community Health, specialising in Evaluation at the University of Laval, Quebec.


Marc-André studied professional practices linked to the application of shared decision-taking in healthcare at the research centre of Quebec University Hospital. He also collaborated with the research axis for the transfer of knowledge and evaluation of technologies and health intervention modes. He then coordinated various evaluation sectors for the Centre of Health and Social Services of the Vieille-Capitale in Quebec. There he took interest in the attraction and retention factors of health workers in rural regions, organisation of rehabilitation services in communities and accessibility of ongoing training for the workers.


At the same time, Marc-André took part in training and supervision of students in several courses at the University of Laval.



2010 - present

2010 - present

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